So, how was it?

We’ve had a great time planning Boise’s first Mini Maker Faire, and we’re excited to hear what you think. Please take a few minutes and fill out our survey about your experience at Boise’s Mini Maker Faire. We promise it won’t take long and your feedback will help us improve the event for next year.

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The Boise Mini Maker Faire is THIS WEEKEND!!!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re having this big event this weekend. On Saturday, we’ll be at the Hayes Auditorium at Boise Public Library-Main Library on Saturday from Noon – 4:00 p.m., and on Sunday we’ll let you get hands-on at the Discovery Center from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (regular admission rates). Here’s a sneak peek of Saturday’s lineup:

Noon – 12:15: Welcome to Boise’s Mini Maker Faire

12:15 – 12:35: Radio Boise: Why Radio Is Still Important Creating local community radio is a process of making – shaping the public sound space with immediacy, a sense of place, and belonging. This short TED-Style talk focuses on why radio is still important, how it’s being made in Boise, and what its potential is. Presenter: Wendy Fox

12:35 – 12:55: A Minimalist Approach to Life How much space do you need to live comfortably? Could you create it entirely yourself? My current project is creating a 196 s.f. ‘tiny house’ which will be off-grid compatible and built using recycled and reclaimed materials. When complete, I will be using my tiny house as my permanent, full-time residence. Presenter: Macy Miller

12:55 – 1:10: A Maker In Action: Fab Fiber Fabrication Betty Hayzlett will share the secret behind wool manipulation. Get an inside view of how she learned her craft, where she finds materials, and what motivates her to keep making. Presenter: Betty Hayzlett

1:10 – 1:25: Break

1:25 – 1:40: Handy Chairs The intent of this project is to invigorate interest in designing, constructing and promoting DIY user-constructed safe, functional and inexpensive vehicles to facilitate wheelchair user independence. Presenter: Randy Geile

1:40 – 1:55: Make It @ Your Library Idaho’s libraries are perfect places to create. Five public libraries are participating in a statewide pilot project focusing on STEM projects such as robotics that tweens and teens can experiment with and build.Come discover what they are making and share your ideas for what you want to Make @ Your Library! Presnter: Sue Walker

1:55 – 2:10: Practical Electronics Our household electronic amenities range from the practical to the whimsical, yet each one demonstrates that the most important step of becoming a maker is identifying a need. Presenters: Jeff and Bradley Eggebaaten

2:10 – 2:30: Break

2:30 – 4:00: Workshop: Developing Design Thinking Fundamental to the Maker psyche is design. Makers take existing items and combine them to build unique designs – new solutions to existing problems. Using Standford’s D-School principles as a framework, this workshop will walk participants through the elements of design thinking. We will then host a collaborative activity among workshop participants to illustrate/implement these elements. Presenter: Chris Latta

Let’s Make This Happen!

The First Annual Boise Mini Maker Faire is days away and we’re getting excited to show you what Boise is making. On Saturday, May 25th, we’ll feature presentations from select makers at the Hayes Auditorium at Boise Public Library. The lineup includes the story behind Radio Boise, Boise’s first independent radio station; a presentation on living a minimalist lifestyle—from someone who lives in a 196 square foot house; a glimpse into how libraries across the Idaho are transforming their buildings into maker spaces; and a special workshop for makers on Stanford’s D-School principals and the elements of design thinking.

On Sunday, May 26th, we’ll get hands-on at the Discovery Center of Idaho. Inventors, crafters and tinkerers will converge at DCI to show you what they make and how they do it. Sunday’s events will feature displays from Handy Chairs, wheelchairs constructed of bikes and wood; experiments in wild fermentation; and the return of Bot Comp, an epic battle of robots. That’s right—we’re going to have robots. That battle. This is going to be awesome.

So, now that you know what to expect, grab a friend and make plans to attend the First Annual Boise Mini Maker Faire over Memorial Day weekend. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

In case you missed the original deadline for Mini Maker Faire submissions, we’re offering a second chance for you or your group to share what you make. We are re-opening the application process until midnight on Friday, March 22nd. The Production Team will begin reviewing all Boise Mini Maker Faire applications on March 24th, and priority will be given to those who submitted an application by the original March 1st deadline. So, here’s your second chance to apply online and show us your stuff!

Calling All Makers!

Attention artisans, technicians, programmers, coders, crafters, foodies, performers and those with imaginations to invent: Boise’s first annual Mini Maker Faire will be held May 25th & 26th (Memorial Day Weekend) at Boise Public Library and the Discovery Center of Idaho. Share your ideas and passion for Making by giving a TED-style talk on Saturday at the Library, or get more hands-on and demonstrate your craft at the Discovery Center on Sunday…or sign up to participate on both days! Either way, we need your application by March 1stapply online and check out our Details for more info.

October Maker Meetup: Creation In Action

Thanks to everyone who made it to our October Maker Meetup at Bricoloage. David Gapen of Open Lab Idaho and The Reuseum was on hand to demonstrate his 3D printer, the kids in attendance made some amazing masks and 3D paper objects, and Will Kirkman of Rocket Neon demonstrated his craft. We were blown away by Noel Weber’s confetti canon demonstration. We had a great turnout and are looking forward to Boise’s first Mini Maker Faire this May.

David Gapen demonstrates his amazing 3D printer at October's Meetup

David Gapen demonstrates his amazing 3D printer at October’s Meetup

September Maker Meetup: Intellectual Property for Makers

Saturday, September 8th
Noon to 3pm
The Kitchen” on Boise State campus, 2203 University Dr. (Southeast Corner of Capital & University)

Maker Meetups are for the Do-It-Yourself community of roboticists, farmers, fabricators, tinkerers, inventors, crafters, hot rod enthusiasts, and anyone else who makes things. Maker Meetups are lead-up events to Boise’s first Mini Maker Faire – in association with MAKE Magazine and O’Reilly publishing – that feature demos, presentations, and place for other Makers to mingle and collaborate.

September’s Meetup is focused on intellectual property for Makers. As part one in a series with IP lawyer Brad Frazer, Brad will give a presentation about the fundamentals of patents, copy rights, creative commons licensing, and trade marks. When you need them, *when you don’t*, and how to share your work without regrets. Also featuring screen printing demos by Julianna McClenna. Bring a t-shirt, tank top, your backpack or a scrap of fabric (8.5 x 11 on larger) and participate!

To quote a recent BMMF producer’s response to feedback about a Maker’s desire for no patents and development of a  “gift economy”: 

So, here is how we see it: Makers put their heart and minds into the things they create, right? Along with that comes wanting to share what they do with others. That’s the no-brainer part here. However, there is a lot of mis-understanding about what it means to share, how to share, when to share, etc. Many people think the only way to protect their ideas before they start sharing is to get a patent, copy right, trademark, etc. but also have little more than assumptions about what those are and how they really work. The result of which can create an environment where your ideas are not easily shared and others end up “taking” those ideas anyway – without any credit given to the original Maker. So, we brought in Brad Frazer – a master at traversing these waters AND has the Maker mindset – to clear things up and give makers educated options.

Meet other Makers and check out the up coming Boise Mini Maker Faire in May 2013. What will you make? Boise Mini Maker Faire is taking Maker Applications until March 1 2013. 

See you all on the 8th!

First Maker Faire Meetup – Saturday July 14th

Boise Mini Maker Faire is having its first Maker Meetup!!
This Saturday at Reuseum from 4pm to 10pm at the Reuseum.

These are gatherings to keep you in touch with the BMMF and the growing maker community as we approach the May 2013 Boise Mini Maker Faire (BMMF). Feel free to invite and bring others.

For those of you who think Maker Faire is just for robots and science – think again. We have over 18 categories of making that ranges from Food & Farming, Human Performances, Fabrication and Industrial Arts, to Robots and Music.


Demonstrations this Saturday include exhibits from members of Open Lab Idaho (and their machines that make things), live silk screening demos and activities by InkPony and the Design Bandits, Lego bot building, presented by the Bots of Prey team and other locals that are passionate about their art. Local social media marketing guru Shannon Morgan, of Firefly Collective will give a workshop on Social Networking the Right Way.

Payette Brewing will be pouring their delicious brews – so prepare for quite a block party as we create and have fun!

Bring anything you would like to show off, questions about the BMMF, questions other makers may be able to help you answer, and bring a note book.

Each Maker Meet-up will feature a workshop – starting with Social Networking the Right Way, and moving in August into Talking to the Press and Creative Commons Licensing, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks: How to Choose a Level Ownership without Regret.

See you there!
108 W. 33rd St. – Garden City
More Info:

You are gonna want to be a part of this.

Boise, Idaho is a burgeoning place – often on “Best Places To Live” lists, we’ve got four beautiful seasons, educated and creative friendly people, and we’re the largest “island city” in the west between Portland and Salt Lake City.

And – the First Maker Faire will be happening May 2013!

Watch a presentation by Maker Faire founder, Dale Dougherty, and decide what you will make. Submit your Maker Application and become a part of the awesome DIY community in Boise.